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The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 place duties on all participants in the construction process, including the Client, to ensure that health and safety is managed and co-ordinated from inception to completion.

Clients duties include:

  • Overall responsibility for the management of the project
  • Selecting other duty holders with the appropriate skills and experience
  • Appointing a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor for most projects and ensuring they carry our their duties
  • Providing designers and contractors with relevant information
  • Notifying the HSE, where required.
  • Ensuring welfare facilities and a Construction Phase Plan are provided before construction commences

With over 25 years involvement in the delivery of CDM related services we are able to assist Clients, in meeting their duties by acting as their CDM Advisors, through:

  • Advising on management arrangements and developing a written Client brief.
  • Assessment of proposed duty holders to advise on their skills and experience for the specific project
  • Working with the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor and carrying out audits, including site inspections, to ensure they are meeting their duties under the regulations
  • Assisting in the compilation of pre-construction information
  • Notifying the HSE, where required.
  • Review of welfare facilities and Construction Phase Plan prior to the commencement of construction
  • Review of Health & Safety File
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